About Us

The graduate employment market has never been as competitive as it is now. With up to 46 applicants for each new grad position, you need to make sure you have the edge when it’s time for your interview. That’s where we come in.

At Interview Bull, we believe that you’re not born with great interview skills. It’s something you can learn with the right preparation and the right practice. And with us, you get both.

You’ll gain confidence through practicing in a simulated interview environment with a professional who interviews graduates just like you for companies like PwC, Morgan Stanley and Amazon.

And what’s more, each session is built specifically for the role and industry you’re applying for. You’ll get feedback during your sessions on your strengths and weaknesses and after your coaching sessions you’ll also take away a detailed written feedback report that you can refer to anytime you want.

With packages at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives, check out how we can help you, and make sure you ace that next interview!

Practice. Makes. Perfect.

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